One of the most important reasons we created this company was due to our philosophy and determination to protect the planet through our ecological-based solutions and products.


  • Recyclable PET package
  • Water-based ink labels
  • Natural and biodegradable raw material
  • We advise our clients and customers to improve and optimize their productivity through proper use of natural resources, prevention of dumping water, our mutual recycling activity, and efficient use of our products.


Most of our clients and customers have taken the recycle plan where we re-use the packaging material they already used to reduce the generation of trash. Together, with our clients, we can be part of the solution for a cleaner planet.


One of our top products is the Waterless Wash and Wax which we created to revolutionize the process of how different vehicles are washed. The traditional washing process uses buckets, hoses, and industrial washers which consumes approximately 40 to 53 gallons (150 to 200 liters) of water. Not only does our product consume zero gallons (zero liters) of water, this composition does not have any petroleum derivate and does not utilize any aerosol material as compared to other cleaning products found on the market.



This award was given to use because of our innovative and ecological waterless washing process. This saves the planet 40 gallons (150 liters) of water for each vehicle washed.